ALC Productions is determined to tell your story.



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We can capture your wedding and tell the beautiful story of your day exactly as it happened.

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We want to offer you the best experience of your life.  We want to not only film your wedding but make you feel the experience of the wedding through our lens. 

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Documenting every important moment of your day is our priority.  We will help you relive your big day as if it is happening as you watch your film.


We care about you...

It all started with the idea that a video could bring a smile to someone's face. We love people, we want to learn the stories of people across the world. It is simple, you have a story and we want to tell it. 

We have the art of filmmaking and you have the story.  We want to capture your story exactly how it happens through the lens of a camera so you can enjoy it for years to come.  We want to know you.  We want to get to know you.  We want to be you friend! 

We want you to be able to feel the emotions of your wedding through our videos, we want you to be able to feel every moment as if it just happened.

We are a group of talented filmmakers with one simple goal.  We want to capture your wedding, engagement, life story and share it with you and the world.