We were founded with the main goal of creating films to make people happy.  We want to see you smile when you see your story.


We are ALC Productions. A production company located in Columbus, Ohio. We are Luke and Ally. Filmmaking became apparent to us the moment we got our hands on a camera.

We strive to tell the stories of people's lives through film.  Whether that be your wedding, life or anything that has a story! 

We are driven by you. We want to tell the story of your wedding to the world!
— Luke Carmichael

Our Team

We have a team with deep roots in video production, friendship and being genuine people. 


Luke Carmichael

Luke is the lead filmmaker to ALC Productions.  He is behind the communication, filming and editing of the business.  He loves to interact with people and make them feel their story through video.  Luke has been doing filmmaking professionally since 2012.

ALlison Carmichael

Allison, also known as Ally, is the brain behind the start of ALC Productions.  She is a strong and talented woman who helped structure and keep ALC going.  She is also the wife to Luke Carmichael.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan, also known as Duke, is one of a kind.  He has a rich background in broadcast TV.  He is a creative in the Columbus area who also runs his own YouTube channel called the 8Bit Duke.  Duke works primarily at NBC 4 in Columbus.

Drew Carmichael

Drew is a Columbus born filmmaker who loves to fish and create memories through film.  He is also the brother of the owner Luke Carmichael.

Jason DIlle

Jason is a pot of talent when it comes to filmmaking.  He is an adventurer at heart who loves to make films about tech, life and all the adventures he makes.  He currently works at NBC 4 in Columbus.  He also runs a self made YouTube channel about filmmaking.